Clean less, live more!

Less cleaning with the help of 

good bacteria? YOKUU!

As seen in

Packed with nature, packed with benefits

Healthier and easier cleaning, without compromise.


100% safe for 

children and pets


Deep after-cleaning, up to 7 days


Faster cleaning and compact storage


No to waste, 

yes to reuse!

Pearls for All-Purpose, Bathroom and Glass Cleaner

How to use? Simple!

  1. Fill your reusable bottle with tap water and fizz the pearl to life.
  2. Spray YOKUU on the surface and wipe away the dirt.
  3. Your cleaning champions will clean for days.

Fill. Drop. Fizz.

Relax - the bacteria are doing their job!

Spray and wipe.

A powerful cleaner for any type of floor!

Take a teaspoon of Floor Cleaner and add to a bucket. Dilute with 5-10 litres of lukewarm water. Ready to use!

Bring your dishwasher to life!

Our dishwasher tablets are alive. Literally

They contain bacteria that come directly from the forest. In nature, these bacteria purify water, and in your dishwasher they're super effective at eliminating dirt and odours. 

Our bacteria are contagiously positive!


all-in-one package

3 reusable bottles for the All, Bathroom and Glass Cleaner

2 pearl per bottle! 

100g Floor Cleaner, good for 25 buckets

45 dishwasher tablets 

32 Laundry Sheets

Restore your home's natural balance!

We all know the slogan "kills 99% of bacteria". But is a dead environment really healthy for us? Of course not!

The science is clear: the overuse of disinfectants is contributing to an exponential increase in allergies and other immune-related diseases. Time to restore the natural balance with YOKU!

Our impact


plastic bottles saved


litres of water transport saved


For The Planet

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