Good bacteria in your home with YOKUU's bathroom & glass cleaner

Be honest for a moment, do you like to clean? Probably not (really), so why not let nature do the work for you? You may have been taught that all bacteria are bad, but that's not true! They can just help you. I guess that sounds crazy, bacteria putting your household in order. When you have healthy bacteria in your home, they purify your home long after you've cleaned. In fact, YOKUU cleaning products are made up of 15 billion cleaning soldiers who do the work for you! All you have to do is spray, sweep and let nature take its course. Discover now the latest cleaning products YOKUU has to offer. 

Get good bacteria in the house 

We have become used to cleaning with products full of chemicals. Unfortunately, these remove not only the bad, but also the good bacteria. Which in turn creates less healthy bacteria in our living environment and, for example, a weaker immune system! Cleaning products that contribute to a healthier living environment? Fortunately, it can be done! The cleaning soldiers of YOKUU offer purifying power and contribute to a better balance in your home. For you, that means fewer allergies, autoimmune diseases and disturbed microflora. Because as humans, we carry more than a kilo and a half of bacteria with us at all times. 

So it is important to become friends with nature and even bring her into your home! This way you will live in a healthy, balanced environment that is also kept clean by your billions of roommates! Can you imagine a better roommate? Microbes improve your well-being, provide a healthy indoor flora and ensure a clean home. By the way, they not only take care of you, but are also safe for the whole family, including your pets and even your plants!  

New products from YOKUU

New bathroom and glass cleaner from YOKUU 

YOKUU makes natural cleaning products, each with a specific application. First, there was the Multi-Purpose Cleaner that made all the dirt disappear from your home like a general. Then the Floor Cleaner also joined the ranks. From now on, a Bathroom Cleaner+ and Glass Cleaner+ are also available! Get even more nature in your home: for every kind of dirt a specific solution. 

  • The Bathroom Cleaner+ removes and prevents limescale, fights odors, purifies deep into the joints and also activates your healthy indoor flora. 
  • The new Glass Cleaner+ cleans without streaks, prevents deposits in joints and is safe to use on all surfaces. 
  • The already popular Mult-Purpose Cleaner+ gets rid of all kinds of dirt, ensures healthy indoor flora, is suitable for all surfaces and actively breaks down odors. 
  • The Floor Cleaner+ consists of a resealable 100-gram powder bag that you can use to make as many as 25 5-liter buckets of floor cleaner that is good for all surfaces. 

Full range 

YOKUU's products offer the most complete, natural solution to the current chemical way of cleaning. Chemicals no longer play a role and are replaced by healthy, good bacteria. The range is continuously expanded so that all kinds of dirt get a tailored solution. So you get more nature in the house! Now only the question remains: where can you bring more nature into your home? Discover the new products for yourself!