Green Friday - we do our bit

Not Black but Green Friday at YOKUU! ?

As I'm sure you've all heard, this weekend is "Black Friday"... a concept we at YOKUU don't support at all.

Why not?

  • Up to 80% of purchases during Black Friday weekend are discarded after one or even no use
  • Often people buy electronics or clothing that are difficult to recycle, are made using harmful substances and have a short lifespan.
  • We already reached "Earth Overshoot Day" on July 29 this year. So all the resources the earth can produce in a year had been used up by then. Black Friday weighs heavily on the environment and climate because it only encourages overconsumption.
  • And so on.

So with us, no free delivery, 15% off or free gems.

But: not to worry. In addition to Black Friday, a greener alternative has emerged in recent years: Green Friday, where brands try to do something to give back to Mother Nature. This in turn is something that we at YOKUU do support!

Mother Nature!

So this year we are participating in Green Friday and would like to give back to nature. We choose to support biodiversity and nature by planting trees in collaboration with Natuurpunt! We do this by giving part of our sales to the initiative 'Forest for everyone' of Natuurpunt!

Why Natuurpunt? As you undoubtedly know, the bacteria we use in all our products come from the forest. The trees, the animals, the mushrooms, nature, that is their home. Without the forest, there would be no YOKUU products, it's as simple as that! That is why we would like to support nature. She gives us strong cleaning soldiers, we give her new trees, more forest!

Forest for all' is an initiative of Natuurpunt with the intention to plant one square meter of forest for every Fleming in 5 years time. Now that's an idea we want to support! They guarantee smart tree planting, good management and eternal protection. Exactly how it should be!

Specifically, our action goes as follows:

We give 25% of all orders placed between 26/11 and 29/11 to the initiative 'Forest for all'. So it's 25% of the total shopping basket that we give to Natuurpunt at the end of the Green Friday weekend. This means that you are supporting the forest when you shop this weekend!

In this way we give back to nature and complete the circle. We get our bacteria from nature, so we support the forest. From forest to home, this weekend also becomes from home to forest. Give and take, the circle of life! ♻️