Restore the

natural balance!

The excessive use of disinfectants and classic, chemical cleaning products creates an imbalance between humans and nature. It is time for a new era of hygiene in which healthy bacteria act as natural allies, cleaning our homes just like in the forest. This is how we restore the balance. And all this in a circular way. The cleaning world upside down!

Disadvantages of disinfectants:

Loss of biodiversity

Good bacteria play a crucial role for our body. They train our immune system. Through overly sterile spaces, we lose contact with our old friends and our immune system deteriorates, resulting in an increase in allergies.

Multi-resistant bacteria

Due to the excessive use of disinfectants, bacteria are becoming more and more resistant and dangerous. Every year 700.000 people die worldwide due to resistant hospital bacteria. According to the WHO, this problem is in the top 3 of most important public health risks.

Hazardous chemical products

Thousands of accidents involving chemical products occur every year. Children are often the victims and the consequences can be serious.

YOKUU, we do it 


YOKUU believes that cooperation between humans and nature is much more beneficial and, above all, healthier. Restoring the natural balance in the home is a necessity.

This mission is reflected in our name. YOKUU comes from the Japanese word 'shinrin-yoku', a Japanese therapy where people are sent to the forest for its beneficial effects. Literally, it means 'forest bathing'. YOKUU brings a piece of the forest back into the home and allows people to bathe in good bacteria!

Do you want to bring the natural balance