The YOKUU Dishwashing Tablet

🦠 Bring your dishwashing to life! 🦠


Discover YOKUU Dishwasher Tablets for shiny clean dishes where healthy bacteria take care of dirt, grease, odor and limescale!

  • 4-in-1 action: goodbye nasty odors in your dishwasher 👋🏻
  • Bio-promoting: after entering wastewater, our bacteria continue their filtering work and help biodiversity 🌳
  • Naked tablets, without microplastics 💚


This pack contains 45 tablets (1 tablet per dishwashing)


  • Packed with good bacteria and natural ingredients

  • Without plastic (solvent) film and microplastics.

  • Without fragrance, color, phosphates, chlorine, parabens and ammonia


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Our dishwasher tablets are alive. Literally. 

  • Billions of bacteria directly from rivers in forest

  • In nature, these bacteria filter and purify water

  • In your dishwasher, they are super effective ineliminating dirt and odors

🕦While washing...

  • Our bacteria like to be in moist environments at 40-60°c. So ideal for the dishwasher! 😍
  • During washing They produce breakdown substances that get rid of your dirty plates & cutlery

 🕦After washing...

  • Some of the bacteria stay behind & build a purifying ecosystem there
  • They get rid of all your unpleasant odors 
  • No more need for bright odors or toxicants 

4-in-1 operation

❌❌❌❌No microplastics...

You may have already known that most dishwasher tablets are packaged in soluble microplastics. But have you thought about where they disappear to once dissolved? 😨😖 

Microplastics are absorbed into our water streams, where they contaminate our drinking water.

...but naked tablets💚💚💚💚.

Our YOKUU tablets are naked! With us, no disposable plastic or other polluting packaging. Nature thanks you!

Our bacteria stay at work once the dishes are done

Our bacterial strains are used in water treatment applications. When they enter wastewater, our bacteria continue their filtering work and help biodiversity. Nature thanks🙏🏻

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Our bacteria are contagiously positive!