YOKUU Floor Cleaner

Discover the new way to clean your floor quickly and streak-free. 

What's in it. 100g: good for 25 buckets!

  • Clean, without streaks
  • Fights dirt deep into the joints
  • Safe for any type of floor
  • Compact in storage 


Delivered in 3-4 working days

Free shipping from €45

Safe and easy online payment

A teaspoon of floor cleaner per bucket, handy right?

Take a teaspoon


Loose in the bucket leng

 with 5-10 liters

lukewarm water

Sweep your floor

 streak-free clean

The YOKUU bacteria

cleaning still

 for days after without 

your support

Packed with nature, packed with benefits

Healthier and easier cleaning, without compromise.


100% safe for child

and animal


Deep post-cleaning, 

for up to 7 days


No to waste,

yes to reuse

More efficient

Faster cleaning and compact storage

Restore the natural balance!

15 billion forest bacteria

No disposable plastic

Promotes the environment

100% vegan

No microplastics

No phosphates

With YOKUU, you bring into your home billions of cleaning tools that continue to purify without your help, wherever they end up. Say no to harmful chemicals and disposable, and bring purifying nature into your home.

Save time

No lugging around heavy disposable plastic water bottles full of water. Receive 25 bucket loads directly through your mailbox when you need them.

Save storage

Our floor cleaner is 100X smaller than a regular bottle. So you save space in your home

What are other people saying?

YOKUU’s probiotic cleaners are trusted by more than 10,000 users.

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